MONDiART good to knows


Our framings are all made in house and by hand. Every single one is made by one of our craftsmen. We start with a long profile and cut that in the correct length. We assemble them to make a frame. We cut the glass (or acrylic if required) and the back panel. Simultaneously we prepare the posters and other artworks that need to be in the frame. Finally everything is put together to create the framing that has been ordered. When writing this it sound like a piece of cake, reality shows that it is a real craftmanship that needs a team to get all disciplines together at the right moment.


Also a product that is made in our production facility. The AluArt team is led by two women. Why? Because they are so secure that only the best items leave our production. By the way, all guys are jealous because these two girls have the biggest machine in the company. A 14 meter long machine that lacquers all the AluArt panels. After that the mounting system is installed. After a final quality check it will be packed and shipped.


In the old days the kings had a nice castle with textiles on the wall. At that time it had 2 functions: insulation and decoration. We brought the walltextiles back to live but just as decoration. This is a product made in The Netherlands as well. Printing, stitching, packing and preparing for shipment to our customers. All done by our team. Something to be proud of!



Mirror, mirror on the wall who has the biggest collection of them all? That must be MONDiART. From mirrors that are in stock to mirrors that are produced specially for our customers. Almost every size, frame and colour combination is possible. If we don’t have it in stock, we can produce it. Looking for a special mirror for your own collection? The only thing we cannot produce is the reflection in the mirror. Sorry, you will have to look into the mirror yourself.



There are two options. Base versus Design. The base collection is standard and with a predefined collection. These carpets are in stock at our warehouse in Eindhoven.

The Design collection is produced one by one. The collection is flexible and we don’t keep stock.

That was the nutshell explanation.

More detail:

OptionsBase carpetDesign carpet
predefined collection


flexible collection 


home quality


Project quality 


in stock


on demand 


free form 



Goblin wallhangings:

This product group is something special. The material is woven! Unbelievable because the end result is photo realistic. The weaving is done in the old fashion way called Goblin. To make one pattern it takes up to 3 weeks to get all the yarns horizontal and vertically in the right place. What a job! But you will agree with me, you can almost not take your eyes of it. The fabric is framed in our production facility with the same expertise and care as all the other products that we frame. It’s in good hands!



The MONDiART cushions are one of a kind. We took great care in putting the collection together. Printing, stitching, filling, packing and shipping. All is done in The Netherlands.

Your own collection? No problem, we will design them together with you and if wanted we can even put our own label in them.

The cushions come with a filling of duck feathers.

Nut just duck feathers but only the ones that the duck wants to share with us. We only use the once that fall from the duck by nature. So we leave them doing their thing and only pick up feathers after them. While waiting for the feathers to fall we create the designs for the covers. Efficient huh!


Changeable Artframes:

Some say it’s hard to print on a bottle

Others say it’s a piece of cake.

We say that it’s possible, but it needs some preparation.

Take 4 large PET bottles, turn them into yarn and start weaving.

The result is a fabric that is 66% recycled.

The ink that is used for printing is biodegradable and that makes it a perfect match.

Add an aluminium frame that can be recycled and you got yourself a product that improves your carbon footprint.

All in all you just made a big contribution to our environment.

Thanks for that!

Oh, almost forgot, it is produced in The Netherlands and it looks great on your wall too!