Inspired by the world,
made in the Netherlands

About us

Some 30+ years ago a pioneer stepped on his bike with a few paintings. From one door to the other he sold his paintings. From the profit he bought new ones and sold them again. This he repeated over and over again. During the years the company got bigger and family was added to keep up with the growth.

And now, after all these years, with a new generation to continue the company, there is a 1500m2 showroom with canvas, Mirrors, AluArt, AcrylicArt, Walltextiles, Cushions, Art carpets, Framings, Changeable Artframes and more.

We are proud on our logo subtitle “inspired by the world, made in the Netherlands”. We design, develop and produce many of our products ourselves in our own 1500m2 workshop in Eindhoven. More and more of our products become circular. Take our Changeable Artframes. 100% recyclable, made for 66% from PET bottles. Printed with bio degradable ink so all in all no hazard for our grandchildren.

Well I can drag on and on about many things but we would like to show you around in our company. The showroom, the production area, the logistic department where we prepare the export orders for all over the planet.

Just one more thing that might be good to know. We do more than wholesale only. Hotel projects, White labels, Private labels, we can help and support you in many ways.

So feel free to contact us for the “Grand tour” . Oh, by the way, we will start with a coffee.

Hope to meet your soon



Our coating machine is 14 meters long.

AluArt department

One, two or hundreds, challenge me!

Framing department


Ready to ship to a customer
somewhere in the world.

Export department